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Importance of Yogic Life

A common man thinks that only the sages, saints, and brahmacharis who have renounced the wordly affairs can lead yogic life. This a misconception. Any individual married or unmarried can make his life pleasant by following the yogic way of life irrespective of his age, occupation, religion, sex, caste and creed. Yogic behaviour changes the […]

What is High Blood Pressure ?

When the heart beats, the heart muscles build up pressure, sending about a cupful of blood throughout the circulation. The peak pressure is called the “Systolic Pressure”. When the heart relaxes between the beats, the pressure in the heart and arteries drop. The lower pressure is recorded as the “Diastolic Pressure”. High Blood Pressure often […]

Obesity Treatment Tips

A judicious combination of caloric intake and exercise is the most appropriete and universally accepted approach to achieve ideal weight. A sensible approach is to reduce calorific intake by 500 calories/day along with spending a additional 300-500 calories/day through each activity. Since 1 kg is equivalent to about 7000 calories, the above programme would result […]