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Severe Acne Treatment

Skin disorders can be at times the worst illnesses that one can ever imagine. One of the major skin disorders that are known to have affected so many people is acne. Acne is a skin disorder that is mainly associated with the sebaceous glands allocated beneath the skin. Acne can be the most irritating and […]

Cysts Treatment

Cysts are harmless, sac-like formation in the deeper layers of the skin. They arise from the lining of a hair follicle that gets blocked. Cysts are common and can happen anywhere in the body in persons of any age. Cysts usually contain a prattle, liquid, or semisolid substance. Cysts differ in size; they may be […]


Folliculitis is the name granted to a group of skin situations in which there are inflamed hair follicles. The answer is a tender red spot, sometimes with a surface pustule. Folliculitis can be because of infection, occlusion, irritation and specific skin diseases. Folliculitis is reaction of one or more hair follicles. Chronic blisters of superficial […]

Flexural Psoriasis

Flexural Psoriasis is also called Inverse Psoriasis. It is categirised by intense inflammation and little scaling. Flexural psoriasis is more regular and harsh in people that are overweight. Normal skin has two layers: outer layer named as epidermis and inner layer named as dermis. Skin cells are formed in the dermis and slides up through […]